Why this IR-RL. IRL should cover it all - or?

When we humans understand IR-RL, AI will have big problems or a picture of the whole solution.

AI is just a mirror of our self - everything we know and what it can get from Internet - and this is the famous quote

"The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had"
Eric Schmidt, Former CEO Google

So if that was the first is AI the second? - Unfortunately No - People have fight for there freedom as long as we know about it, and in a couple of years - everybody, just give away everything for free - one button after another button. Lets say AI is almost number 3.14 but we are not there yet. But you were part of feeding it.

Lets fix it instead with our common sense - and connected.

The debate have going on about decision making from a AI car, if it need to decide of two bad options. It's highly questionable if it can make that decision today.

Or maybe we should ask our self - When is it Okey from an AI to make an decision that wasn't optimal, like all humans. What % is acceptable. - Did you felt that after this sentence the difference between IRL and IR-RL. And now - who will be the jury and in witch area from aviation to a toast maker?

And what computer system can analyse that data, and making the conclusion that it was a mistake? Are we going to have a Judge dredd or what happen when its a mathematical paradox?

Only when we humans have somehow trying to learn it (or not) about IR-RL - And if we don't really understand it. - That's were we all should start.

Syocto had to learn some of it and its a new three dimensional language. We haven't found all letters or words- but we understand some of it and we working on it.

If you don't understand the big difference between IRL and IR-RL its total okey as long you don't building something that can make a difference.

That's what we are here for - start another type of view. Collective find the reflection in the mirror - that we normally don't talk about.

Maybe all of the Faang company's already have figure it out. We will put our shin out and say, they missing big parts of the mirror. We want somebody to proof us wrong.

Or even verify our statement. Syocto doesn't work linear, True agility. It's a whole new world, if you know the new language, you probably see the future.

And whatever you do today - we will have a job opening for you! Just contact us.

Every page we put on this site make a internal debate - diversity is the word. It explain most of it. That's what ir~rl is about.

AI is that Artificial intelligence. That we "easy" can turn of because its in the metaverse - or the next level AI in ir~rl. Analogue Intelligence - the interaction of our real world.

Common sense - That isn't common - know your questions - do not look after answers -

if you cant ask the right questions - then you are at the wrong place at the wrong time.

How could you understand the answer if you don't know what to ask about from the beginning.

And this is about everything.