Our nature and everything around is vibration of the analog world, even down to the atomic clock that we haven't find any better solution to measure time, those vibration or sound waves also measure us as people. we are in unison. When our inner sound waves do not match others, it will not be a harmony. they will be unsynchronised and the most important thing in life. Latency. the term is offbeat. Some instrument or life moment, its ok for the melody to have some offbeat, it could even lift the song or life itself, but when that instrument is taking over to much. You just want to walk away. stop dance, and go on with your life. And find another tune, partner, work, apartment, mobile number and friends.

Do not be afraid - there is a tune out there - or maybe a million.

The sweetspot exist for everybody.

The real good people, see beyond reality. Unselfish in all terms and understand that its a david goliat moment if you realy want to change anything both in real or reality life