Where is the glue - between programmers, investors, owners. we all need to find a common ground.

The purpose of this site is to share knowledge, insight or reflection, the main purpose is how company's in all areas that connect to our analogue world, there point of view where there is important touch points how we progress to a viable, sustainable world as we all see it- and it will probably be a big upside in quality for us humans in the end. Company's can still make a profitable business, maybe even without compromise.

Its important to share information for those that really runs the world, and make it spin. And we as a collective understand that we can not change the world overnight - but at least start in the right end of the lace. We want our readers and company's to reflect when they make decisions and look att Maslows pyramid also in a mirror - to see what there decision also result in IR-RL. Only way for progress is that its some how equilibrium that  balance everything from economy, ethics to those topics that is in this site. We welcome anyone that can bring insight in there profession and want there voice heard, contact us. If you want to be a moderator fine lets talk, we have tried to push this formula one car to start line. Join us. We haven't even start the real race. But soon it will take of.